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AC2: Beta Release Notes
Beta Update 2
Scheduled patch date: April 30, 2013

Welcome to the Beta Release Notes for Asheron's Call 2! These release notes were posted on Thursday, April 25th.

  • Dragging the chat window, radar window, pet window, or mini-fellowship window will no longer cause you client to disconnect from the server.
  • If you have mouse turning enabled, pressing both mouse buttons will now make your character run forward.
  • The Request Assistance button now takes you directly to our support website using your default browser.
  • Accounts now gain one additional character slot.
  • Floating landscape bits in East Gevoth have dropped to the ground.
  • PvP modifiers should now be in effect to reduce damage when fighting other players.
  • A number of systems and quests for Kingdom versus Kingdom should now be active.
  • The NPC Thromer from the quest Virindi Training has reappeared.
  • The NPC Teltawa from the quest Olthoi Scent has reappeared.
  • The NPC Theoter from the quest Fate of the Scholars has reappeared.
  • The NPC Naokim from the quest The Dark Agent has reappeared.
  • The Dereth Rally should no longer unload and restart if no one is standing in the area.
  • The Exultant Sting is now attuned.
  • The drop rates of the following trophies have been significantly increased:
    • Erobal Remains
    • Carenzi Furs
    • Carenzi Tails
    • Carenzi Teeth
    • Carenzi Hearts
    • Eli Shambler Eyes
    • Amethyst Gromnie Teeth
    • Ivory Gromnie Teeth
    • Spikeshark Spikes
    • Fearsome Beetle Carapaces
  • The following quests have had their XP increased, their time to complete removed, and have had a cancel button added:
    • The Ruins of the Sho Towns quest line (Hebian-to raised from 15k to 25k, Baishi/Yanshi raised from 50k to 100k)
    • Erobal Remains (was 7,000, now 11,000)
    • Revoke the Cursed Reabal
    • Revoke the Reabal (was 7,000, now 11,000)
    • Slay the Tormented Fury (now 60,000)
    • Stray Darkenfowl kill task (was 1,500, now 4,000)
    • Servitor Spawn Kill Task (was 2,000, now 5,000)
    • Puppet Spawn Kill Task (was 3,600, now 7,000)
    • Surrogate Spawn Kill Task (was 7,000, now 14,000)
    • Mimbu Kachem Kill Task (was 5,000, now 9,500)
    • Parfal Nefane Kill Task (was 10,000, now 18,000)
    • Listris Niffis Kill Task (was 14,000, now 22,000)
    • Ulu Sclavus Kill Task (was 19,000, now 30,000)
    • Faisi Scalvus Kill Task (was 26,000, now 40,000)
    • Marsh Armoredillo Kill Task (was 35,000, now 60,000)
    • Blighted Mucor Kill Task (was 57,000, now 100,000)
    • Opor Niffis Kill Task (was 44,000, now 115,000)
    • Opor Nefane Kill Task (was 75,000, now 150,000)
  • The above Kill Tasks now share kills across fellowships.

Credit: Skinlab for some XP reward values

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