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Rollout Article

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October Guide



  • Skills that require a shield were double-charging for the shield vigor cost
  • Missile physics has been tweaked again, and players who were “aiming for the feet” will no longer do so
  • Hivekeepers will receive the missile fixes for their Drone and autoattack skills


  • The level 25-29 tier in the Gauntlet quest can now be completed
  • The Dereth Tarot Significator quest timer was too short and has been increased
  • Many tarot quest recipes were too generic; they now require a more precise selection of cards. Existing melds and gateways are not affected by this change
  • The Retracing the Path quest can now be completed
  • The “good” portion of the Light and Darkness quest can now be repeated
  • Wharu will be less inclined to stick around and torment players in the Lost Artifacts quest
  • Wharu’s invasions have slowed down somewhat and appear less frequently


  • Cheaty monsters will no longer be able to shoot through walls
  • Vendor NPCs were trying to pressure players into purchasing large amounts of trait; the default amount is now zero
  • Players will no longer experience game crashes due to expired Crafting recipe shortcuts
  • The Lugian armor effect Scheming was not decreasing vigor cost as intended
  • Practice recipe trinkets above level 26 were not being assigned the proper gold value

Haunted Happenings

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Haunted Happenings

Throughout the last few days of October, the restless spirits of Dereth made their presence known, and the nefarious Pumpkin Hordes made a bid for control of the land. The brave players of Dereth rose up together to overcome the unusual foes. Heap praise on them all, immediately!

Covenant of Abendgrau faces off against one of the invasion's masterminds.
Grontwalk of Dawnsong defends Linvak
Ikeras in peril
Fomy and Briallen of Thistledown discover invading forces
Goratrix, Masko, Rah, and Sofia Magisterre of Soleilcouche battle the hordes on Arramora
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